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OOH… You 2 were just gorgeous… and both of your receptions ROCKED !! Both brides danced ALL NIGHT LONG :)
Well, I know you both really want to see your images… with fingers crossed I hope these will hold you over :) ………….. Jen

Lori + Pete



Courtney + Ian



Each one of these weddings has a MAJOR story to tell, everything from a construction zone to spending all night
in the ER the night before ;-) just remember… things don’t always go as planned!
Despite crazy stuff going on the weddings were supa dupa fun :) and just PERFECT!

So I get a last minute call from Dale for Family Portraits on the beach… when I say last minute… I mean last minute ! His sister and mother are leaving
Pensacola the NEXT DAY !! No worries… I can move something on my schedule for that afternoon and we can make it happen. Well wait, they may want
to do it in the morning… 7am…oooh boy ! We hang up with them Thinking about their 2 options, while I am at home PRAYING they choose the
afternoon…lol Guess what… The afternoon it is :) Enough of my babbling, I know you want to see the pictures !!! Especially you Wanda :)


So this first one is of Grandma Wanda with all her grandchildren… This one was a special request from her, so said she knew the perfect poem to go with it…
Well, I don’t know exactly what poem she was thinking about, but I think of this one….


I hope all 3 of you gorgeous ladies had a wonderful Mothers Day :)



Meet Miss Lani… full of life, energy, and totally has her daddy’s heart :)



This is Casey… he is Lani’s new baby brother… he is such a doll :)



Next we have the ooh so super sweet (and cute) Danny… he and cousin Lani are the best of buds !!



This is Otto… Danny’s lil bro… LOVE love LOVe his red hair :)

Note from Jen: There are a ton of kiddos that are just so into where they are… they see the beach and are so in tune to everything
around them that they just want to be on their own, and NOT interested in pictures ! That is why I LOVE love LOVE
these “swinging” pictures… what kid does not smile when mom and dad swing them really high?!?!?! I try to capture
the natural smiles and characters of all the kiddos I photograph, yes it is sometimes very challenging, but I eventually will get it !!!



The big famly pic for the wall.. Good looking group :)







I think these last 2 are my favorite from the session :) I love funky angles !!!!

Perdido Key Florida: Johnsons Beach… I had a blast working with you guys, the kids were totally fun, and really sweet !
Happy Anniversary Julie and Dan… I hope your vacation was WONDERFUL!
Dale and Michele… since you live in Pensacola… don’t be strangers :) Stay in touch…
Maybe we will run into each other at The Silver Screen sometime :)

Jen -

PS… your image gallery password will be Dale’s last name… all lower case

Dale: Jen-You are extremely talented! We couldn't have asked for better photos! Thank you-we will absolutely be in touch and you will be recommended to all of our friends. Thanks again! Dale, Michele, Lani & Casey!

I did some headshots for Steve a few weeks ago, so we decided to get together on Pensacola Beach to get some family portraits of him and the
kiddos… Meet Max and Morgan :) Aren’t they just adorable… and different as night and day ! Morgan is so sweet and quite shy, but that is ok,
Because Max makes up for her shyness then some… he is a hoot… super fun to be around :) Love you guys… Jen


I LOVE this picture of Steve and Morgan : )





This is my favorite of Morgan from the day :) She is absolutely beautiful !!


And this is my favorite of Max from the day !!

momtatum: jen, loved the px sweet lufya your mom

OK… here is Hannah’s collage :) Pretty cool huh?!?!?!?!?